Sometimes I feel like I speak terrible Russian, but then I realize that it's because there are often mix-ups here, and I end up getting asked things that seem completely out of context. For example, here's a phone conversation that I just bumbled through (phones are also ridiculously hard to understand people through):

*teacher calls*
me: hello?
t: are you here?
t: ah, but you're on your way?
me: no...I'm home, but I'm leaving soon.
t: hmm, I see. When will you be here? 20 minutes?
me: (thinking "why..?") my class doesn't start until 10:55. I have 2 half pairs today.
t: 10:55? Hmm, ok. You'll come to the teacher's room?
me: (thinking "no, I think I'll just go to the classroom") Which room?
t: the teacher's room
me: I'm....not with you today.
t: you're not?
me: no?
t: are you sure you're reading the schedule correctly?
me: yeah...I'm with ____ today
t: hmm, that can't be right, you're supposed to have her every other week, and you were there last week. I'll ask.
me:'s on the schedule.

So, we'll see. I prepared for that class, so I really have nothing else that I can do. This happens pretty often. Luckily the schedule is my ultimate authority, so any time anything is wrong I can just say "It was on the schedule!" and all blame is shifted away from me.


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