Some snapshots from life:

This is the ridiculous swarm of crows that occasionally mobs my apartment building. I finally got a picture of them.

This is an artsy view into my hall. It came about, however, after I was trying to figure out where this horribly obnoxious hammering noise was coming from. My neighbors seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to bothering me during naps. Actually, life just seems to be against me napping, which is unfortunate, because naps are a beautiful thing. Anyway, at about 6:30 I decided that I was going to sleep for a little bit ("Who naps at 6:30 in the evening," you ask? Tired teachers, that's who!). I got into my nice warm bed, turned off the lights, closed my eyes, and...couldn't fall asleep because someone was assembling furniture next to my bed! Picture me looking like THIS as I look through my peep hole after unsuccessfully trying to nap for an hour.

It's also worth checking out the article that this picture came from (which you can find here). Let me give you some of the highlights from it:

"Russian woman beats bear barehanded after it attacks her husband"
"Vitaly grabbed the angry bear and tried to pull it away."
"We were locked in hand-to-hand combat and rolled downhill."
'Tatiana had attacked the bear from behind and dragged it away, she then shouted at the animal so loudly that it fled into the forest."
"I didn’t know that my wife was so strong,” he said after a medical checkup."

Umm..attacking brown bears? That's pretty BA. Let me remind you, however, of this fellow:

By the way, I think bears are the scariest animals ever...but equaled by sharks. Wolves are also scary. OH! And tigers!! See here: This is what spawned my great fear of tigers. How Kim managed to see that on a big screen and remained unscathed is a mystery to me. Just listening to the music gives me the creeps. Ugh. Tigers.

On second thought, tigers might be scarier than bears.

Lastly, this is what happened when I ended up having to completely reset my computer. EIGHTY-FOUR updates!!! Disgusting.

That's all. If you're still in search of some reading material, I recommend this site:


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