Is it procrastination when what you are procrastinating on homework that you shouldn't even be working on tomorrow...because you've already finished today's work and read the 100+ pages of Russian lit for tomorrow? I think I am just an over-achiever by nature, but now I have one less class than usual, so instead of breaking even on my work, I am ending up ahead. I suppose that is a cross I will just have to bear.

Yes indeed, it is going to be a hard semester. My classes start between 10 and 11 every day, meaning that I've got to be out of bed no later that 9 or 10 on my average day. It's just so hard to regulate my schedule so that I'm in bed before 1 am so I can get those all-important 8 hours of sleep. Living in a single also has its disadvantages. There's no one to annoy if I want to stay up late or get up early. It's up to me to fill up all of the drawers and shelves (although actually I've found that if anything I have too much stuff). Sometimes it does get a little lonely though. However, to alleviate this is the fact that while I have a single, that single is connected to a suite consisting of a common room, 3 other singles, and a bathroom. Don't fear anyone, I haven't abandoned my longtime roommate Kendra. In fact, she is sitting next to me right now doing homework and we are sharing cheez-its like old times.

In other news, the plague has hit Sewanee.....or at least Health Services likes to think it has. They've been instructed to call any type of influenza or disease with influenza-like symptoms the swine flu. Whoever thought of that was brilliant.... The flu sucks as it is (but is not that major unless you already have a weakened immune system), but now you've got to call it something like the "swine" flu which just makes it sound dirty. Now every corner of every building has a hand sanitizing station, everyone with the slightest cough or sniffle has been confined to their rooms (where they are ordered not to leave, and served meals by masked health workers) or sent home to their families (where they can infect them and spread this horrid sickness amongst their loved ones and countrymen without being hampered by over-zealous health services officials).

Get over it already people. Honestly, I've had the flu. You throw up for a day or two, sleep a lot, take it easy for a week, and you're good. It is not the black death. Also, washing your hands and using hand sanitizer excessively can actually hurt you. You need to build up some immunities. Personally, I'm pretty sure my body has pretty well gotten the hang of fighting off minor ailments. Probably something about my ancestors living without hand sanitizer (and probably soap for that matter) for thousands of years before I came around.

Yes, I do realize I'm probably going to get sick after saying all of this.

That's all really. I haven't been up to much. I finally mostly cleaned my room. I like my classes. I've been trying to work out every day. I'm still planning to do crew. I survived orchestra even though I literally hadn't played in 9 months (and still had to play 1st). I kinda really need to do laundry.

Read the caption. It is amazing. (ps -- look Kim! I figured out how to make it a link!!)

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