I got in a fight today. Here's what happened:

the instigator

It all started innocently enough. I wanted pizza, so I thought that I'd try making some from scratch. First, this required making sauce. I've never made pizza sauce before, but I found a recipe that looked simple enough. There was one thing, however, that I didn't take into account: opening the jar. I was prepared for a lot of new challenges living alone, but I can't say that figuring out how to open tricky jars had been something that I'd worried about.

After straining and bruising my hands for about 5 minutes, I decided that it was time to try something else.

water torture

I figured that some hot water would do the trick. It didn't. Well...this brought up the question "just what DO you do when you're by yourself and a jar won't open?"

Usually you'd try to get another pair of hands to help you out. I didn't have that, so in desperation I decided to try to use all 4 of my limbs. Keep in mind I'd been trying to open this jar for a good 15 minutes by now.

When that didn't work I resorted to beating it. Despite my best efforts and threats, the jar WOULD NOT OPEN! After snarling angrily at the jar (what? I live by myself, I can do strange things), I sat back down at the computer to see what other tricks were out there. At this point a curious thing happened...the little button on top suddenly popped. "AH HA!" I thought...it MUST open now! Well, it still put up a good fight, but after some more pulling and beating I was at last VICTORIOUS!

don't mess with this

these are actual glass shards that came off of the jar with the devil sealant

I will crush you and eat your tomatoes for supper....or lunch tomorrow, since so much time was wasted trying to actually open the jar


I have actually used the method with feet and had success. Glad you finally got it open. Of course there's always the good neighbor route where you ask a neighbor for help. But then you might have to share your pizza.

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