Back in my university days I used to be mildly (or extremely) obsessed with this game:

It was a great way to waste a lot of time in a not particularly mentally stimulating way, but had just enough strategy that you felt a great amount of accomplishment once you beat all those pesky desk invaders. I mean really? Who likes desk invaders anyway? I know I don't. Lately though I've realized that every day I play a real-life version of Tower Defense. Actually, what I play is called Towel Defense (pretty clever, huh? I just came up with that 2 seconds ago). It is equally as stimulating, but not quite as fun because if you lose it means that the bathroom floods and you have to clean it up.

As perhaps you've guessed, this has to do with my shower. My shower is beautiful and I love it, but like most Russian appliances, it's totally inefficient. If it were a person it would be the one that you tell to "Go stand in the corner and look pretty" while adding "Dumb as a rock, God bless her." That's really what my shower does -- it stands in the corner and looks pretty. I appreciate the effort. However, here are some of my shower's negative qualities: it's bipolar, the drain is slow, and it LEAKS. Sometimes it literally decides to switch the direction that you turn the lever for hot and cold water. By that point you have to just turn it off, say something like "No, dear, you're completely confused..."....or "COME ON! I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!!" and start over.

Back to Towel Defense. Here are the rules: you have 4 rags. You must position the rags in such a way as to prevent the most water from spreading. Bonus points if any of the rags stay dry. Like any good game, the level increases every day. The first shower I took there was just a little trickle, and now I'm convinced that a good quarter of the water from my shower ends up on the floor.

Well, today I got a high score.

It's a little hard to see, so let me explain what's going on here: the yellow rags have completely stopped the water, leaving one blue rag completely untouched and the other blue rag with only a damp corner. I must say, good job self!

I will go to bed a winner tonight.


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