When you live in a small apartment you often can't help looking out the windows all the time. Since there are only two windows, and they both face the same direction, I've gotten to know my двор and the surrounding apartment buildings quite well, and it seems like lately I've been having a lot of moments where I'll see something and think "I have to take a picture of this! I hope it doesn't change in the 1.5 seconds it takes me to sprint across my living/bed/guest room!" Here are some of the results from my camera dashes: a particularly striking full moon, early morning fog, a nice sunrise, and the view at night.

I took this last one because I was thinking about how oddly beautiful and comforting the lights from surrounding buildings can be. It's nice to know that even though I'm all by myself there are still people all around me.

There are now just 2 days of October left, and I can't say that I'm disappointed. Something about October just bothers me these days.

Another (I suspect) anti-climatic Halloween is about to go by too. It seems like the last time that I was actually with a relaxed group of friends and dressed up or went anywhere was freshman year of college. I don't really recall what I did sophomore year, but I suspect that I was waiting for Kendra to get home from a cross country meet for some belated celebrations. Then, the last 2 years I spent at ill-timed regattas. Those were reasonably fun, but still not quite the setting that I would have chosen. Now I'm in Russia. I suppose that it will be entirely my fault if I don't have an epic time, but I might be ok with that. I'm more the "stay at home watching a movie and passing out (note: eating) the candy from the candy bowl" type. Over the years I've learned that the most effective method of getting good holiday candy doesn't actually involve any gathering at all. All that Halloween candy that your family buys has to be eaten by someone, and in the end it doesn't really matter if it was by you or by cute little costumed children. Sometimes no one even notices the difference........

Unfortunately, the passing of October means that we are getting ever closer to the arrival of snow. While many people that I know are absolutely enchanted with the stuff, I could do without it. I'm not entirely sure what the temperatures are right now (because I don't have a thermometer), but they're pretty decent. If the entire winter was like this I would be a very content girl (aside from the devastating climatic changes that that would entail). One of the great parts about being in Russia during the winter though is the sheer hilarity of how concerned everyone is about the way you dress. Babushkas especially. The irony is though that I see a lot of Russians who can't possibly be prepared for the weather. When I'm bored on the marshrutka I like to critique other people's clothing (I saw a man in a seal skin hat today), and I very often notice young to middle aged women wearing very stylish but very thin coats. Can they possibly be warm in those? I suspect not.

Another little observation about Russia and the weather is just how absurd the roads are. It's absolutely amazing how just a little bit of rain can completely flood the roads! Spring is going to be fun when all the snow melts! Soon I'm going to have to break down and shell out the money for some boots. The only things that my tennis shoes have in store for me in the future are soggy socks, and that is not a fate that anyone desires.

On a parting note, I used my Russian washing machine for the first time this week. Aside from the fact that it makes funny noises and takes about 2 hours, it seems to work pretty well. There's just one problem:

There's no electrical socket in the bathroom.


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