Friday, August 13th, 2010: Day 2 since the end of the language code

Mood: coherent/shocked
Hours of sleep: 11
Location: Sahuarita, AZ
Hours of homework done today: 0

So, once again life is back to "normal". I currently find myself back in my usual position, which is on my bed glued to my computer. However, I can't help but feel vaguely unsettled by all of this. I feel like I've had so many wonderful and bizarre experiences in the last few weeks that my brain is still working on processing them all and hasn't had time to catch up to the present....which just leaves me mildly confused. It certainly doesn't help that within the span of 48 hours my life has gone from one extreme to another.

At this time 2 days ago I had just finished my final exam. I was in bed attempting to get in a nap before lunch because the night before, and every night for the past 4-5 weeks, I had gotten far too little sleep. If I was awake at this time, I would have been thinking about what I would have for lunch, when I was going to see Brian, and what I wanted/needed to do that day. These thoughts also probably would have been in Russian.

Actually....come to think about it, those thoughts aren't very different from what's going through my mind at the moment. The only differences are that they're in English and I've already had lunch. The point that I was trying to make though is that a whole lot has been going on lately.

I spent the majority of this summer back in Middlebury, VT enduring their 9-week summer language program. This is the same program that I did 2 years ago, and I really hadn't had any intentions of repeating the process because 1) It was hard, and 2) The people were such a huge part of it that I really didn't think that I could do it again and have similar results. BUT, for some reason (caprice, fate, boredom, forethought..I don't know, I can't explain it) back at the end of the school year I decided "Hey! I'm going to do a language program." So I did...and boy am I glad. Of course it can never replace all of those times with Jasmine, Jared, Jordan, and all of those other people with J names, but I have to say that this time was absolutely amazing. First of all I met this pretty wonderful guy (who I hope by now knows who he is) who, as Kendra sagely pointed out, is perhaps the only person known to man who has the capability of making me sacrifice massive quantities of sleep for extremely prolonged amounts of time. The people were also fantastic. I had many a great night playing billiards in The Grill(e?), dancing in every discoteka available, wanding aimlessly around Middlebury at every hour of the day, going swimming, playing volleyball, putting off homework for as long as possible, and other such variations of hooliganism. This time around I was in the 7th level (the highest) as opposed to the 4th, which meant that I understood pretty much everything and was considerably less intimidated by the Russian language. Overall this summer was amazing, and I'm going to really really miss everyone. Thank God for facebook, skype, telephones, planes, cars, letters, smoke signals, and every other possible form of communication or transportation available.

There are some pluses to being home though...especially the pronounced lack of homework and the ability to express myself fluently. Also the food is better.

My current plans are: finish visa applications today and go to Russia sometime soon. Also, A.K.A. needs to have a reunion immediately. I am sorely overdue for picnics, Dutch Blitz, girly movies, and T-Pain.

That's all I can think of to say at the moment. More to come later, probably.


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