Most people would be surprised that Russian is actually a very pretty language. We Americans have a particularly harsh idea of what Russian sounds like: angry, grating, scary. THIS clip exemplifies how most Americans would feel if confronted by a Russian (or multiple Russians). While it's true that markets and talking to strangers can be intimidating, the language is not to blame! To prove this theory I'm going to compile a list of particularly catchy songs (mostly because Kim wouldn't humor me and stay up late listening to Russian music). I'm not going to bother trying to translate them..I'm probably not even going to screen them well enough to tell if they're offensive. The meaning isn't the point though..if you can understand it you already know that the stereotypes about Russian are false.

Russian is particularly well-suited to music because it's lyrical and rhythmic. Personally I like rap (I don't know if this is surprising to anyone...but yes, I am a big fan of rap music. When I drive I really like to listen to trashy rap because it's super catchy, but I'm too busy driving to listen to the lyrics). I'll save this category for a little bit later though, since not everyone might share this opinion.

[One thing about Russian music almost always includes either techno dance beats or an accordion...if you're lucky you get both in the same song!! ]

Let's start with one of my favorites -- the sultry, mulleted, and oh-so-debonair Dima Bilan. He started off as a sort of joke to me, but he grows on you over time.

This song is just kinda sweet. Plus it reminds me of Captain Planet.

***poetry break***

Another favorite

This is what Braveheart would look like if it were set to Russian folk music. Although, this is closer to what most Russian folk music sounds like.

Rap Time

I've already shared my favorite rap song (Еще Один День -- Ю.Г. ), so I'll try to add in some new ones.

This one's pretty's about hunting a Yetti!

Faktor 2 has some really fun music too. This one is making fun of American music (including Eminem, Snoop Dogg, and Usher). The title is "I want to be on tv"

The background music for this one intrigued me. The singing is a little forced, but the rap is ok.

Now, for my final point let's hold a little competition:


The German reminds me of skipping for some reason.

Alright then, I'm satisfied. I can go to bed now.


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