Things are settling down here and life has, for the most part, returned to normal. I'm very pleased to note that November has been much better than October. About a week ago I checked my mail for the first time in a considerable while. This year's dorm is about a mile away from my post office box, so since my incoming correspondence has pretty much dropped to 0 I usually only bother to make the trek once every week and a half or so. However, on the rare days that I do have something there's about a 70% chance that I won't be able to open my box and will just give up in defeat and decide to try some other day. Apparently the trick to opening it is to not be me, since no one else has problems with it. Anyway, a week ago I found both a letter from Ludmila Vasilevna (my host in Russia) and a Halloween package from my mom -- happy day! I have a miserly streak though, and have only grudgingly shared a few cookies and a box of nerds with 1 of my suite mates. Don't worry though, I'm learning my lesson...the thought of candy now gives me a slight headache. Now I'm pacing myself

You should write me. Or send me things. My mailbox is lonely...and so am I!

Ok...that picture might be a little extreme, but you get the point.

As you can perhaps tell from the title, I've been listening to a lot of music lately. I go in cycles when it comes to music: sometimes I listen to it all day, sometimes I won't turn it on for a week, sometimes I only listen to music in foreign languages, sometimes that makes my head hurt. Most recently I've been in a Russian music mood...more specifically a Братья Грим (The Brothers Grim) mood. Since it's Russian I doubt most of you folks will understand, but it's ok because I barely understand the lyrics myself. This group focuses more on the overall sound, so I feel like the mood should be fairly universal even to you non-Russian-speaking readers. Click HERE! I'm assuming that worked, I'm bad at this linking business. And yes, there is a rutube. If you like it enough, повторить means repeat.

If you like rap with meaningful lyrics, try this one-- Еще Одинь День (One more day). My favorite lines are:

Куда спешить? Зачем стремительно так жить? /Where are you rushing? Why are you living so hurriedly?
Зачем забывать, что можно дышать, можно любить?/ Why have you forgotten that you can breath, that you can love?
Ведь можно жить, а можно просто проживать! /You can live life, or you can just live through life!

If for some absurd reason you like English, I've always liked OneRepublic's song Stop and Stare.

I also have no shame in admitting that I like THIS song. I don't care what you say, it's sweet and has nice bass.

For bad days, go here
For romantic days
If Bollywood is your style
If you need to drive
Or if you're on a boat...
If you've got hurt feelings,
Just let it go.

There really is a song for everything.


(Yes, I do expect you all to listen to every single one of these. A lot of time and love went into my selections!)


First, i made the mistake of opining all of them at once, and my computer crashed.
Second, check out Каста- Вокруг Шум. I like it alot
Also, have you ever called the number in the soulja boy song? Try it!

Haha, I haven't tried yet. Have you?

I'm not surprised your computer crashed, there were quite a internet in Russia is rarely very good.

I'm still winning the post war =P

yea, its pretty cool! and i swear ill have something soon. i am having a problem remembering english words, so it is taking me longer than i would like.

Haha, that's ok. I'm having trouble remembering English words too. The end-of-the-semester meltdown is starting.

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