Well, at last I've found a computer (with no small amount of help rom some of the people who've already been here for a semester). Unfortunately, this computer appears to be entirely in some sort of Asian language, so it's my pure luck and the fact that I manged to remember where the sign in button was that I made it this far. I have 15 minutes, so this is (as usual) going to be short. BUT I'M HERE, and alive.

I also have a Russian cell phone now, so call me if you aren't afraid of long distance --

8 914 942 3631

Also, my camera broke...or rather, I think the zoom got jammed, so now it won't stay on (because it can't open). So, I'll either have to buy a cheap camera or just steal pictures from friends..which is more likely. This means that everyone will have to wait to findout what Irkutsk looks like.

I'm living with a retired pediatrician named Ludmila Vacilievna. She's quite nice, feeds me too much, and has a very rambunctious cat.

That's all for now


Darla is jealous of that other cat.

Yay cat!

I tried calling you and it didn't work! :( I think I need to invest in a phone card, or something... Anyway I'm glad you're there safe and sound and I hope all is well! :D

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