Hopefully everyone reading this is aware that I'm going to Siberia for the spring semester of the 2009 school year. If not..I'm going to Siberia.

I've created this blog for the joint purpose of keeping everyone updated/reassured that I'm still alive and saving my e-mail from any undue strain. Unfortunately, I can't make any promises as to how often I'll update this since I'm both cheap (internet = rubles) and horrible at keeping anything even remotely close to a diary -- in my lifetime I have tried to keep a diary 3 times, and the only great thing to come out of that is a detailed tally mark of the amount of cows and moose we saw the first time we moved to Alaska.

I'm also going to take this opportunity to answer all those burning questions that you all have:

  • Why Siberia? -- Because I wanted to.

  • Why Russian? -- It's cool.

  • What will I do with a Russian degree? -- That's classified.

  • Where/What will I study? -- I'll be taking special classes at Irkutsk State University meant to improve my knowledge of Russian language and culture, including a delightful blend of grammar, film, and undoubtedly many other mind-blowing subjects having to do with Russia.

  • Where will I live? -- They tell me I'll be staying with a family. That's all I know at the moment

  • Am I excited? -- I'm terrified.
I am, however, looking forward to some decent weather for a change. Weather.com tells me it's -6 F in Irkutsk right now, which sounds downright balmy compared to the -18 in Wasilla. I may have a use for my flip-flops after all.

I'm a little premature in setting up my blog since I don't leave until February 3rd, and I don't plan to do anything more exciting than finish the book that I'm reading and sleep a lot until then, but boredom struck.....so here it is. Enjoy.

Here are some fun pictures to make my page more lively:


Epic!! I love it already. I can't wait to read about all of your adventures! (Assuming, of course, that rubles go toward the internet every so often.) :D

Yay! Did you know that flip flops are шлопанзы (I'm not quite sure how it is spelled), but it's pronounced [sh-lope-pan-zee]. It's fun to say. =)

Yay! I love the pics.. I actually miss all the moose hanging around campus in Anchorage.The -6F weather sounds good to me too, it's too hot and humid here in Okinawa, The wind is a life-saver! Hope you have fun in Siberia, and as soon as I have decent internet access, I'll try to set up my own blog for my global expeditions.

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